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A temperature sensor is an electronic device that measures the temperature of its environment and converts the input data into electronic data to record monitor or signal temperature changes. There are many different types of temperature sensors. Here you can get a variety of Temperature & Humidity sensor which includes Digital Microcomputer Thermostat Switch, Humidity Controller Module, high-temperature resistance Probe, Moisture Sensor and many more modules.

There are Temperature Sensor applications in many industries including medical, motorsport, HVAC, agriculture, industrial, aerospace and automotive. In many applications where maintaining a specific temperature is vital there the temperature sensor is used, for example, if products must be kept at a certain temperature or for patient monitoring, the responsiveness and accuracy of the temperature sensor are critical.

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Temperature & Humidity Sensor

STC-1000 AC 220V Digital Temperature Controlled Thermostat Switch STC1000

XH-W3001 AC 220V 1500W Digital Microcomputer Thermostat Switch HW-735

B3950 NTC 100K Thermistors 1% with 1000mm Cable and 2pin 2.54mm Terminal

DHT22 (AM2302) Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module


K-type Thermocouple Wire Cable 50Cm

MAX31855 K-type thermocouple module

MAX6675 Module + K Type Thermocouple Sensor Measure 1024°C Temperature

XH W1209 12V Digital Temperature Controller Module W/ Display and NTC Temp Sensor

DHT11 Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor Module

DHT22/AM2302 Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Infrared Thermometer Contactless Temperature Sensor MLX90614

DS18B20 Water Proof Temperature Probe – Black (1m) Original Chip

DS18B20 Digital Temperature Sensor

Barometric Pressure & Temperature Sensor Module BMP180

Humidity & Temperature Basic Sensor DHT11

IR Flame Sensor Module 4 pin

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