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3.7v Li-ion Battery Mini USB to USB Power Apply Module 5v 1A Charge Module power Bank

40.00 EGP

This PCB support charging the battery, simply supply a 5V Micro-USB source to the charging input and it will charge the connected battery to 4.2V.

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Specifications 😕
This PCB can step up a lithium ion battery to 5V for output to 5V USB devices, like iphone, mobile phone, tablet PC. This module also contains protection circuit which will stop stepup output when Lithium ion battery is below 2.9V. Just connect a unprotected lithium ion battery to the battery input source.
This PCB also supports charging the battery. Simply supply a 5V micro USB source to the charging input and it will charge the connected battery to 4.2V
Great for mobile power source using Lithium ion batteries (unprotected is also ok).
Connect multiple batteries to the battery input to increase the capacity power capacity
Charging voltage input: 5V 1A
Step-up voltage output: 5V 1A max
Protection circuit: Overcharge protection:4.3V Overcharge protection release: 4.1V
Protection circuit: Over discharge protection:2.9V Over discharge protection release: 3.000V
Transient current: 180uA
Red LED: Charging
Green LED: Charging completed
Blue LED: There is a load in the USB
Size:50x20x9 mm
Package Includes 😕
*1 x USB DC 5V Power Supply

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