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400KV Step Up Power Module

110.00 EGP

Input Voltage: DC3.6V-6V
Input Current: 2A-5A
Output Voltage: DC 400KV (Please pay attention to safety when used)
Input Line Length: about 100mm (red is positive)
Output Line Length: about 160mm
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This is a high voltage step-up power supply module, which is commonly used in electronics experiments and demonstrations. The module can generate a voltage of up-to 400KV from an input of 3-6V from a normal Li-ion battery. The high-voltage module uses the principle of the Tesla coil.


  1. High-Quality Silicone Wires at Input and Output
  2. Creates an Arc of 400KV
  3. Small in Size
  4. Easy to Use

Package Includes:

1 x 400KV Step Up Power Module


Input Voltage (V) 3.3 ~ 5 VDC
Maximum Operating Current (A) 2 – 5
Max. Output Voltage 400 KV
Max. Output Current (A) 0.5 A
Discharge Time 10s
Color Black
Length (mm) 65
Width (mm) 23
Height (mm) 23
Weight (gm) 40
Shipment Weight 0.050 kg
Shipment Dimensions 8 × 3 × 2 cm
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400KV Step Up Power Module

110.00 EGP