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4SL Battery AA (4 Piece) Panasonic NEO

25.00 EGP

This item: 4SL Battery AA (4 Piece) Panasonic NEO
25.00 EGP
25.00 EGP
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4SL Battery AA (4 Piece) Panasonic NEO

  • Panasonic standard batteries offer long-lasting performance making its quality long energy.
    • NEO black extra high power battery is ideal for camera, tape, and portable radio
    • Certified by industrial standard
    • No mercury added
    • Voltage : 1.5 v.
    • Size : AA
    • Product Size (Width x Length) : 5 × 5.5 cm./pack
    • Contains : 4 batteries/pack

Suggestions and Warnings

    • Do not heat the battery or throw it into the fire.
    • Do not peel off the label on the battery.
    • Do not expose the battery to water.
    • Dispose of them in toxic waste bin.

Purchase Order Remark

  • Purchase 1 box – Amount : 60 batteries/box (100 dozens/carton)


  • High energy density – potential for yet higher capacities.
  • Does not need prolonged priming when new. One regular charge is all that’s needed.
  • Relatively low self-discharge – self-discharge is less than half that of nickel-based batteries.
  • Low Maintenance – no periodic discharge is needed; there is no memory.
  • Specialty cells can provide very high current to applications such as power tools.


  • Requires protection circuit to maintain voltage and current within safe limits.
  • Subject to aging, even if not in use – storage in a cool place at 40% charge reduces the aging effect.
  • Transportation restrictions – shipment of larger quantities may be subject to regulatory control. This restriction does not apply to personal carry-on batteries.
  • Expensive to manufacture – about 40 percent higher in cost than nickel-cadmium.
  • Not fully mature – metals and chemicals are changing on a continuing basis.

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