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AC To AC Converter 220V To 110V 150 Watt

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Converts 220V foreign electricity to 110V to enable use of american 110V products in 220/240V countries 150W Provides for your foreign electrical traveling needs in most foreign countries. This kit is for domestic appliances whose rating is 150 watts. 150 watts is designed for charging Phones, cameras shavers and other portable equipment in 220V Countries.. Can also be used with answering machine devices, tape recorders, calculators, cassettes, radios, etc. This converter CANNOT be used for any appliances with motors such as blenders, vacuum cleaners, power tools or high heat appliances such as hair straighter, coffee makers or toasters etc. DO NOT USE WITH COMPUTERS.


Input Voltage :220V ~ 240V

Output Voltage :110V

Power : 150W (Use less than 90W electronic appliances)


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