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Avometer VC-9205A

117.00 EGP

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Product features

  • Color: Black Orange; LCD display: 3 “
  • Polarity: Automatic polarization
  • Application: Measure AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, frequency, continuity, diode and etc.
  • Measuring Instrument with function of data hold, Maximum Value hold, backlight, function switching.
  • DC voltage: 200mV ~ 1000V (0.5% 2); Alternating voltage: 200mV ~ 700V (0.8% 3); DC current: 2mA ~ 20A (1.2% 2); Alternating current: 2mA ~ 20A (1.2% 3)

Product description

DC voltage: 200mV-1000V (0.5 % 2)
AC voltage: 200mV-700V (0.8 % 3)
DC current: 2mA-20A (1.2% 2)
Alternating current: 2mA-20A (1.2% 3)
Resistance: 200? – 200M? (0.8% 2)
Capacitance:2nF-200uF, (4.0% 5)
Max. Display:1999, 3 1/2
Power: 9 v
Crystal diode test: YES
Diode testing: YES
Conduction buzzer: YES
Automatic shutdown: YES
Package includes:?
1 x Digital Multimeter
1.To avoid harms to you or damage to the meter from electric shock, please do not attempt to measure voltage higher than DC/AC 1000v.
2.Do not rely on non contact voltage detector to determine whether there is a voltage. The detection operation may be affected by socket design, insulation thickness and type of different factors.
3.Before measuring current, check the meter’s fuses and turn off power to the circuit before connecting the meter to the circuit.
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