CH-3.0 2 Channel Battery Capacity Tester for 18650 Lithium Battery Voltage Current Indicator 1.77in TFT LCD Display Module

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2 Channel Battery Capacity Tester for 18650 Lithium Battery Voltage Current Indicator 1.77in TFT LCD Display Module


This product is a capacity tester designed specifically for 18650 batteries. Its 1.77-inch TFT display can simultaneously show information such as battery internal resistance, capacity, voltage, current, and power.

Unlike traditional charging and discharging equipment, this tester features three preset modes: automatic, charging, and discharging. Simply select the desired mode, start the equipment, and the program will run automatically. Additionally, the discharge current can be easily switched to suit your needs.

1>.Specially used to measure 18650 battery capacity
2>.The integration of charging and discharging eliminates the tedious operation of disassembling and assembling the battery to replace the charging and discharging of the device
3>.The size of the discharge current can be switched and it is convenient to use
4>.Small size, easy to carry
5>.stable performance

1>.Product name:18650 battery capacity internal resistance detector
2>.Work voltage: DC5V
3>.Detection voltage: ≤DC5V
4>.Capacity measurement range: 0~99999mAh
5>.Energy measurement range: 0~99999mWh
6>.Battery internal resistance measurement: support, measurement error is about 10%
7>.Display real-time voltage: support
8>.Display real-time current: support
9>.Display real-time power: support
10>.Log run time: support
11>.Working mode indication: support
12>.Current Status Indication: Supported
13>.Simultaneous discharge: not supported (simultaneous discharge of 18650 battery Test 1 and external power supply Test 2 is not supported)
14>.Discharge load: 10W 8ΩJ cement resistance*2
15>.Discharge current selection: ≈0.5A or ≈1A
16>.Charging interface: Type-C
17>.External discharge interface: Type-C
18>.Preset discharge stop voltage: 3V (not adjustable)
19>.Preset full stop voltage: 4.2V (not adjustable)
20>.Data storage: The measurement data is not saved, and the accumulated data is automatically cleared when the power is turned off or when the working mode is switched.
21>.Work Temperature: -25℃~85℃
22>.Work Humidity: 5%~95%RH
23>.Size: 108×85×24mm

4.The charging and discharging time reference:
1>.AUTO (automatic mode): The battery (discharged in advance) is charged ~ the default current is about 1A to discharge 1704mAh ~ it is fully charged again to trigger the program to stop, which takes 437 minutes and 23 seconds;
2>.DSG (discharge mode): When the battery is fully charged, it uses a current of about 1A to discharge 1681mAh, which takes 118 minutes and 55 seconds;
3>.CHG (Charging Mode): The capacity and energy are not measured during charging, only the time is recorded, which takes 164 minutes and 51 seconds.

5.Method of use:
1>.Install the power supply 18650 battery and the 18650 battery to be tested;
2>.Use the Type-C data cable to connect the Type-C power supply port to the 5V power supply. The external power supply is used to charge the battery in the CHG state. If you only need to discharge the DSG, you can leave it unconnected;
3>.Select the mode, the default is AUTO automatic mode;
4>.Click the Start button to start the program;
5>.Wait for the process to end and the status indication to stop;
6>.About power-off storage: This product has no power-off storage function. Shutting down, restarting, and switching the working mode can cause the accumulated data to be cleared.

1pcs 18650 battery capacity internal resistance detector 2ch

7. Language switching (if you found it display in Chinese, then please try the followings)
① Shutdown
② Press and hold the “菜单” key to start the machine, release the key after the screen lights up, and wait 10 seconds after starting the machine to shut down
③ Reboot to complete the Language switch.





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14 Days Warranty

This item is covered with a standard warranty of 14 days from the time of delivery against manufacturing defects only. This warranty is given for the benefit of Micro Ohm customers from any kind of manufacturing defects. Replacement will be done against manufacturing defects.

What voids warranty:

If the product is subject to misuse, tampering, static discharge, accident, water or fire damage, use of chemicals & soldered or altered in any way.

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