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DIY Acrylic Robot Arm Manipulator Mechanical Arm Kit (including 4 Servo sg90 and arduino uno and joystic shield )

1,100.00 EGP

  1. الشاسية مصنع من مادة الاكريلك
  2. الشاسية يحتوي علي 4 مواتير سيرفو sg90 واردوينو اونو وجويتسك
  3. Material: Acrylic
  4. Affordable 4-DOF manipulators.
  5. Highly versatile mechanical parts.
  6. Wood board laser cutting with precision.
  7. Easy to assemble.
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It is a DIY Acrylic Robot Manipulator Mechanical Arm (including 4 Servo sg90 ) .The arm has 4 DOF. The mechanical parts are laser cut to precision and are versatile to use.


The robotic manipulator mechanical arm is not assembled with all the necessary parts present in the kit. Also, the kit does not include controller boards, and other accessories.

Package Includes:

A set of acrylic cutting parts
A pack of screws
4 pcs sg90
1 pcs uno r3
1pcs Rocker arm module

شرح التركيب :

(1962) How to make a robot arm – Arduino | Acrylic Robot Claw Arm – YouTube

MeArm-V11-Tiny-Open-Source-Robot-Arm PDF

DIY Arduino Robot Arm Kit | Control with Potentiometer | 4 DOF | Mert Arduino – YouTube


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