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Etching Solution Acid 125mL

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Etching Solution
The solution is suitable for etching PCB which can be used in the industry, making engineering projects, tech prototypes for students, technicians and specialist engineers in the field of electricity and electronics, as well as hobbyists, and it is also suitable for workers in the field of Arts and etching on copper.
The solution is safe and suitable for using in the laboratory or at home, by following simple tech steps to etch one or more PCBs so it saves time and cost.
• Fast and evenly etching.
• High accurate etching.
• Very safe when handling, using and after etching.
• Non-toxic.
• Does not damage clothes when touched.
• 125mL is enough for etching a pure PCB up to 400 sq. cm in (5) minutes at the room temperature (20 to 25 Celsius).
• Manufacturing of Electrical & Electronic PCB.
• Arts of Copper Etching.
For Using:
1. Prepare a Suitable Plastic Container for PCB Size.
2. Put your PCB in the Container (The Copper Area is Up & It Should Be Quite Shiny and Oxide Free).
3. Pour a little Amount of the Solution until the PCB is Fully Covered.
4. Wait few Minutes (5 Min).
5. Rinse with water After Etching.
• Etching is expected within (5) Minutes at room temperature.
• If the Etching Solution is Warm, the Etching will be Fast, to warm the solution, Place the Bottle in warm water at a temperature of 35 to 40 Celsius for a short period, by following the safety precautions, Don’t put the solution on direct heat.
Safety Precautions:
• Wearing Plastic Gloves is Recommended When Using.
• Perform The Process in a Well-Ventilated Area.
• Don’t Breathe Reaction Gas.
• Use Enough Water When Eyes or Wounds Are Touched.
• Keep the Bottle Tightly Closed After Using & Keep Away from Children.
The Solution is a Very Light-Azure Liquid, Packaged in a Plastic Bottle, Capacity 125mL
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