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Flux Goot Soldering Paste BS-10

35.00 EGP

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Flux Goot Soldering Paste (BS-10)

GOOT is a famous brand in Japan. The main effect of BS-10 solder paste is: infiltration effect, remove the oxide, auxiliary heat conduction, reducing the metal surface tension, make solder joint appearance beautiful, and so on.

Name: Japan GOOT resin solder paste

Model: BS-10
NW: 10 g
1, GOOT BS-10 ointment fluxing, flux-free sour refining, semi-solid is not easy dumping.
2, Strong flux, solder joints bright, low residue.
3, It has effect to remove the oxide for the gold-copper alloy substrate.
4, The flux with stable performance, volatile small, long life cycle, the amount of provincial, non-toxic, odorless, safe and reliable, it is to create high-quality electronic products ideal ancillary products, it is also maintenance engineers supplies.
5, For hobby and electronic assembly optimum flux, it does not apply to printed circuit boards.
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