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Green_white LED 5mm

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Product description

Color:5mm Green?

Item: LED Light Luminous Diodes Kit
< Forward voltage -Current:
(1) White: 3.2-3.4V -Current: 20mA
(2) Red: 2.0-2.2V -Current: 20mA
(3) Yellow: 1.8-2.2V -Current: 20mA
(4) Green:3.0-3.2V -Current: 20mA
(5) Blue: 2.8-3.0V -Current: 20mA
(6) Orange:1.9-2.1V -Current: 20mA
These light-emitting diodes work well for a wide variety of applications including Arduino projects;
It is great for electronic and electrical experiments.

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