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HTTM Series Capacitive Touch Switch Button Module Red Color

50.00 EGP

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  Product description

HTTM series touch key module has the following features:

1. There is no mechanical parts, no wear, infinite life, reduce maintenance costs later;

2. The sensing part which can be placed in any insulating layer (usually a glass or plastic material) behind, it is easy to seal with the surrounding environment into the keyboard, in order to play the role of moisture and water;

3. The panel arbitrary pattern, button size, any shape design, characters, trademarks, and other transparent window with arbitrary, so that the overall stronger sense of product;

4. Compared with the physical buttons, touch buttons and more difficult to damage;

5. You can modify the resistance of the back, adjust the output signal of the latch output or keep the output level

6.  2.7V ~  6V wide input voltage range, 3.3V signal output can be directly used to drive relays, optocouplers, LED lights and other original documents;

7. -30 ~ 70degree  operating temperature range;8. The touch sensitive, no lag, delay, flicker and other adverse reactions;

9. Built-in anti-jamming algorithm, with excellent anti-jamming performance.

​Operating voltage: 2.7 ~ 6V

Working temperature: 30 ~  70 degree

OUT pin output voltage: 3.3V

OUT pin Maximum Output Current: 500mA

Output mode selection

You can “select resistance mode” by modifying the back to adjust the output signal of the latch output, or to keep the output level(temporary mode).

No resistance welding – latched mode: Touch and after OUT pin output remains high, the touchpad is lit backlight, touch again it becomes a low level;

0-10K resistance welding -temporary mode: Touch Pad touch is detected, OUT pin will output high, the backlight is lit, otherwise OUT output low, the backlight turns off.

The default is not resistance welding, which is the default mode is latched mode.





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