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JST XH 2.54 16 Pin Connector Set wire Double

20.00 EGP


  1. Length: 20cm
  2. Cable size: 26AWG.
  3. Solid and durable.
  4. Safe and easy to install.
  5. RoHS compliant.
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This is a 45 Pin JST XH 2.54mm Pitch Plug Cable Double. It is a multipurpose cable. The length of the cable is 20cm and is a 26 gauge on the AWG scale.

  1. AC power supply to PCs and lab equipment.
  2. Used in all types of RCs( cars, boats, planes).
  3. Also used in CCTV connections, pick-ups, etc.


  1. Use of electrical fire retardant material.
  2. Solid and durable.
  3. Safe and easy to install.
  4. RoHS compliant.
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