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Mini USB Female to DIP Adapter Breakout Board

10.00 EGP

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This simple board breaks out a Female Mini USB.
A mini USB, also known as a Type B USB cable or USB 1.0 connector, is a type of USB cable and port that is designed for mobile devices, such as smartphones, MP3 players, and cameras.
This module is easily transformed into the conventional DIP 2.54mm pin, which greatly facilitates your application.
This board breaks out the VBUS, GND, D-, D , and ID pins of a Mini USB connector which is great for pairing with a microcontroller with USB support or adding USB 5V power to a project.
The VBUS and GND pins can be used to power your project from USB, while the D- and D  pins give you access to the USB differential data signals.

Port: Mini USB Female
Pitch: 2.54mm
Pin Number: 5 Pins
Size: 20mm x 17.5mm


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