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Photo Resistor Sensor LDR 12mm

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Product description

Photoresistor Photoconductive Cell Light Dependent Resistor? LDR 12mm Ceramic Pacakge
CdS photoconductive cells utilize photoconductive effects in semiconductors that decrease their resistance when illuminated by light. These sensors are non-polar resistive elements with spectral response characteristics close to the human eye (luminous efficiency), thus making their operating circuits simple and small.
Coated with epoxy
Small volume
Quick response
Good reliability
High sensitivity
Good spectrum characteristic
Camera automation photometry
Indoor sunlight control
Industrial control
Optical control lamp
Optical control musicI.C
Photoelectric control
Optical control switch
Electronic toy
Electronic proverbial vlitional
1. To avoid the light-sensitive resistors on the humid, high temperature environment preservation.
2.In the use of the process, the welding time shortened as much as possible.
3.Note that lead soldering location should be 3 mm from the ceramic base (mm) or more.
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