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Piezoelectric Shock Tap Sensor Vibration Switch Module

50.00 EGP

SKU: Piezoelectric Shock Tap Sensor, Vibration Switch Module Category:

Tilt Sensor Vibration Alarm Vibration Switch Module sw18015p 4 pin

When the voltage WORKS on the piezoelectric ceramic, it will produce mechanical deformation with the change of voltage and frequency. On the other hand, when a piezoelectric ceramic vibrates, it creates an electrical charge. Using this principle, a vibrator consisting of two piezo ceramics or one piezo ceramic and one metal plate is applied.
TTL output effective for high level signal. Output control current up to 1A can be external high-power LED lights.
Analog signal, according to the vibration intensity of the output voltage is higher
Vibration amplitude sensitivity can be adjusted by potentiometer. (low left sensitivity, high right sensitivity)
Sensitivity can be adjusted to respond to mouth blowing … Sensitivity is very high !! You can also tap it with your hand.

Theory: Current Sensor
Usage: Vibration Sensor
Output: Digital Sensor
Operating voltage: 5.0V (DC)
Interface type: AD / DO
Output signal LED indication
TTL level output


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