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TIP31C NPN Power Transistor

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The TIP31C NPN Power Transistor silicon Epitaxial-Base mounted in Jedec TO-220 plastic package. They are intended for use in medium power linear and switching applications. The complementary PNP types are TIP32A and TIP32C respectively

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TIP31 Pinout

TIP31 Pin Configuration

Pin NoPin Name
4Case (Collector)

TIP31 Key Features

  • New enhanced series
  • High switching speed
  • hFE improved linearity
  • hFE Grouping
  • Type Designator: TIP31C
  • Material of Transistor: Si
  • Polarity: NPN
  • Maximum Emitter-Base Voltage |Veb|: 5 V
  • Package: TO220


Ic (mA)Pd (mW)Vce (max)Vcbhfe@IcFT (MHz)

TIP31 Equivalent/Alternate:

  • TIP100, TIP101, TIP102, TIP105, TIP106, TIP107, TIP110, TIP110A, TIP111, TIP112, TIP32C


  • Linear and Switching Industrial Application
  • Audio Power

You can download this datasheet for TIP31C NPN Power Transistor from the link given below:

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