Type-C USB 2S-3S BMS 15W 8.4V 12.6V 1.5A Lithium Battery Charging Boost Module With Balanced Support Fast Charge IP2326

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  • 2 series lithium battery charging plate with equalization function
  • 15W synchronous switch boost boost charging
  • Charging efficiency 94%
  • 2  series lithium battery charging can be set
  • 2 band series charge balancing
  • Adjustable charging current
  • Size(about): 3.2*1.8*0.5cm
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The unit is applicable to two or three direct 3.7V lithium batteries. By short circuit setting, default is strings. When strings are used, the module can use its own battery equalization function, which is very practical. Type-C port and soldering wire can be used for input. When the type-c port is connected to the power supply for fast charging, the charging voltage is automatically adjusted to improve efficiency. If the input voltage is lower than the battery voltage when the welding wire is inserted, the module can only work in boost state.

◆Input: Type-c port or soldering wire input can be chosen. Type c connected to QC fast charging can automatically adjust the charging voltage and improve charging efficiency. If input welding wire, the input power source must be lower than the battery voltage (number of batteries in series * battery voltage).

◆ Output: 2  strings are supported. The battery needs to be equipped with a protection board. The default is 2 strings. When changing to 3 strings, short circuit the contact, and then remove the side resistance. The equalization function can be used when two strings of batteries are connected. The BM pin is connected between the strings of batteries (the equalization speed is limited, and the parameters of the strings of batteries should be as consistent as possible when using).

◆ Current setting: The green arrow in the figure above indicates that the default current setting of two parallel current is 100K (0.9A) and 180K (0.5A). The resistor can be removed or replaced as required. Current calculation formula = 90000/resistance value.

◆ Set battery charging cut-off voltage. The default voltage of a single string is 4.2V, which is the same value as ordinary batteries, and it does not need to be changed. To change, set the board’s VSET resistance according to the RVSET setting table.

◆ Set shipping timeout. By default, there is no timeout. Set the mold resistance value. 68K-4 hours, 120K-12 hours, no paste-24 hours.

◆ NTC access: Usually not used. If necessary, change the NTC resistance value to 82K, and connect the adjacent NTC and GND solder point to 100K thermistor (B=4100).


Normal use does not require a lot of units to be set, just select 2  strings to charge as required, unless you are special and familiar with the application.

LED indicator:

  1. The red light is normally on.
  2. The blue light is on while charging.
  3. The blue light is off after full charging.
  4. The blue light flashes when an abnormality is detected

Package Includes:

1 x Type-C USB 2S BMS 15W 8.4V 12.6V 1.5A Lithium Battery Charging Boost Module With Balanced Support Fast Charge With Indicator


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What voids warranty:

If the product is subject to misuse, tampering, static discharge, accident, water or fire damage, use of chemicals & soldered or altered in any way.


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