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Electronic components like Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, semiconductor ICs, Relays form the backbone of all the technological advances today. With these, you can design any system, any model for your project. As the saying goes “You want it, we got it” and we at Micro Ohm take extra pride in providing the highest quality products to fulfill your ideas at the best price. All products are shipped within 24 hours and delivered right to your doorstep with the minimum shipping charges.

TOP Selling Products 🔝

1N4007 Diode 1W 1A

Ceramic Capacitor 100nF 50v

Electronic Components

Push Button press 6 pin 8.5×8.5mm

Type-C USB Jack 3.1 Type-C 4Pin Female Connector Jack Socket With Screw fixing plate

USB 3.1 Type-C Connector 4 Pins Male / Female Socket PCB Board

USB Type C Connector Type C with Card Buckle Waterproof Fast Charging Jack Port USB Plug Socket 2P Direct Replacement

Optical Endstop Light Control Limit Optical Switch

2.1×5.5mm DC Power Jack Socket Panel Mount Female V2

2.1×5.5mm 2.1mm Jack Adapter Female DC Power Plastic Socket Panel Mount for Box DC022B V1

1N4007 Through Hole Diode (Pack of 1000) High Quality

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