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Discover our extensive collection of pre-assembled electronic modules designed to enhance and expand the functionality of your electronic devices. These modules serve as efficient solutions, saving you valuable time and effort during project design and construction.

In this category, you’ll find a wide array of modules, including relay modules, interface modules, amplifier modules, RTC (Real-Time Clock) modules, laser modules, logic converters, buzzers, speaker modules, and much more.

Explore the category to find the specific modules that meet your project requirements and unlock new possibilities for your electronic endeavors. Simplify your electronics projects with our reliable and diverse range of electronic modules.

TOP Selling Products 🔝

XL6009 DC Step-up ADJ Power Module 4A

400KV Step Up Power Module High-voltage Generator

LM2596S-ADJ DC-DC Buck Converter 4.5-40V to 3-35V 3A Adjustable Step Down Module

Digital Sensor TTP223B Module Capacitive Touch Switch


Electronic Modules

SPI BIOS FLASH Non-Dismantling Test Program Clip SOP8 24C 93C 25LF

Mini Solar Panel Cell 5.5V 240mA 1.3W 147mm x 90mm for DIY Project

Mini Solar Panel Cell 5.5V 150mA 0.8W 140mm x 45mm for DIY Project

XL6019 DC-DC 5A Adjustable Boost Power Supply Step Up Module

DC-DC 4.5-40V To 5V 2A USB Charger Step down Converter Voltmeter Module


TTP224 4-way Capacitive Touch Switch Module

Bluetooth Audio Receiver Board Module HW-770B

MINI V2.1 ELM327 OBD2 Bluetooth Interface Auto Car Scanner

SPI to Ethernet Hardware TCP/IP W5500 Ethernet Network Module

XH-M404 DC 4-40V 8A Voltage Regulator Module Digital PWM Adjustabl DC-DC Step Down Voltage Regulator DC XL4016E1

6-30V 1-Channel Power Relay Module with Adjustable Timing Cycle, Relay Delay time Module

HW-613 Adjustable Mini DC To DC Buck Converter Module 3A 20x10mm

Waveshare RP2040-Zero Raspberry Pi MCU With Presoldered Header

Current to Voltage Converter Module 0/4-20mA Current Conversion to 0-3.3V 5V 10V Voltage

USB DC Step-Down Module 12V 24V To QC2.0 QC3.0 Fast Charge Mobile Phone Quick Charger

5V 2 Channel SSR G3MB-202P Solid State Relay Module 240V 2A Output with Resistive Fuse

XL4005 DC-DC 5-32V Adjustable Step Down 5A Buck Power Supply Module

CH341A Programmer 24 25 Series EEPROM Flash BIOS USB Programmer with Software & Driver

DC to DC 6-24V to 5V 3A USB Output Step Down Power Charger with Adjustable Buck Converter

LM317 DC Linear Regulator DC-DC 4.5~40V Turn 1.2~37V Step Down Power Module Adjustable

USB Logic Analyze 24M 8Channel MCU ARM FPGA DSP Debug Tool


Blue NANO IO Shield V1.0 Simple Expansion Board Finished Board Nano Adapter Terminal

AC-DC Module 220Vac to 12Vdc 400mA 5W Power Supply PSU Buck Module Circuit Board Arduino

Touch Switch Capacitive Sensor Module 9V-24V 30W 3A LED Dimming Control

1 Channel 5V Relay Module Solid State High Level SSR DC Control 250V 2A with Resistive Fuse

XL4015 5A DC-DC Step Down Adjustable Power Supply Buck Module LED with Heatsink

CP2102(6-pin) USB 2.0 to TTL UART serial converter

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