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Explore our collection of Electronic Connectors, essential electro-mechanical devices designed to quickly and conveniently disconnect or interrupt circuit paths. We offer a diverse range of connectors in various sizes, shapes, complexities, and quality levels. Discover a wide selection of Power Connectors, Interface Connectors, Berg / FPC / IDC Connectors, and RF connectors to meet your specific needs.

Whether you’re working on power-intensive applications, interface connectivity, flexible printed circuit connections, or RF signal transmission, our connectors ensure reliable and efficient electrical connections. Browse through our range of high-quality connectors and enhance your electronic projects with seamless connectivity and performance.

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Electronic Connectors

Type-C USB Jack 3.1 Type-C 4Pin Female Connector Jack Socket With Screw fixing plate

USB 3.1 Type-C Connector 4 Pins Male / Female Socket PCB Board

USB Type C Connector Type C with Card Buckle Waterproof Fast Charging Jack Port USB Plug Socket 2P Direct Replacement

2.1×5.5mm DC Power Jack Socket Panel Mount Female V2

Female Banana Binding Post (25A) , Black Color

Female Banana Binding Post (25A) , Red Color

Banana Plug 4 mm Male Black Color

Banana Terminals Wire with Crocodile end 1m length

AC Power Connector With Fuse Panel Mound

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