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Sound Detection Sensor Module 3pin

35.00 EGP

  1. Product: Sound Detection Sensor Module
  2. Operating voltage 3.3V-5V
  3. Signal output indication
  4. Single channel signal output
  5. Light weight
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A sound sensor is defined as a module that detects sound waves through their intensity and converts it to electrical signals.

The sound detection sensor module for Arduino detects whether the sound has exceeded a threshold value. Sound is detected via microphone and fed into an LM393 op-amp. The sound level set point is adjusted via an onboard potentiometer. When the sound level exceeds the set point, an LED on the module is illuminated and the output is sent low.


  1. Operating voltage 3.3V-5V
  2. Outputs digital switching output (high and low levels 0 and 1
  3. Operating current (Vcc=5V): 4-8mA
  4. Microphone sensitivity (1Khz): 52-48dB
  5. Microphone Impedance: 2.2KΩ
  6. Microphone Frequency: 16-20Khz
  7. Microphone S/N ratio: 54dB
  8. Signal output indication
  9. Single channel signal output
  10. Outputs low level and the signal light when there is sound

Packages Includes: 

1 x Sound Detection Sensor Module

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