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74153 IC Dual 1-of-4 Line Data Selector/Multiplexer IC

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In 74LS153 IC, Each of these data selectors/multiplexers contains inverters and drivers to supply fully complementary, on-chip, binary decoding data selection to the AND-OR-invert gates. Separate strobe inputs are provided for each of the two four-line sections.
• Permits multiplexing from N lines to 1 line
• Performs at parallel-to-serial conversion
• Strobe (enable) line provided for cascading (N lines to n lines)
• High fan-out, low impedance, totem pole outputs
• Typical average propagation delay times From data 14 ns From strobe 19 ns From select 22 ns
• Typical power dissipation 31 mW

Parameter Specification
Supply Voltage (VCC) 7 V
Input Voltage (VI) 7 V
Operating free-air temperature range 0°C to 70°C
Storage temperature range –65°C to 150°C

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