FQPF20N60 20A 600V N-Channel MOSFET

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FQPF20N60 20A 600V N-Channel MOSFET

Part Number: FQPF20N60, 20N60

Function: N-Channel MOSFET, 20A 600V

Package: TO-220F Type

Manufacturer: Fairchild





The FQP20N60 & FQPF20N60 have been fabricated using an advanced high voltage MOSFET process that is designed to deliver high levels of performance and robustness in popular AC-DC applications.

By providing low RDS(on), Ciss and Crss along with guaranteed avalanche capability these parts can be adopted quickly into new and existing offline power supply designs.

Absolute Maximum Ratings TA=25°C

1. Drain-Source Voltage : Vds = 600 V

2. Gate-Source Voltage : Vgs = ± 30 V

3. Continuous Drain Current ( Tc=25°C ) : Id = 20 A

4. Junction Temperature: Tj = 150°C

5. Storage Temperature: Tsg = -55 ~ +150°C


FQPF20N60 pinout


1. Solar Inverter

2. AC-DC Power Supply


14 Days Warranty

This item is covered with a standard warranty of 14 days from the time of delivery against manufacturing defects only. This warranty is given for the benefit of Micro Ohm customers from any kind of manufacturing defects. Replacement will be done against manufacturing defects.

What voids warranty:

If the product is subject to misuse, tampering, static discharge, accident, water or fire damage, use of chemicals & soldered or altered in any way.

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