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HC-020K Double Speed Measuring Module with Photoelectric Encoders

65.00 EGP

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HC-020K speed measuring sensor is a wide voltage, high resolution, short response time, and the switch output speed measurement module. It can test motor’s rotational speed with black encoder (measured spec. is related to the encoder, the inner diameter of D type encoder that provided is 4mm, can be used for motor output shaft w/ 4mm diameter, which is TT motor we matched, yellow shell and white axis).



Module Working Voltage: 4.5-5.5V
Launch Tube Pressure Drop: Vf=1.6V
Launch Tube Current: If<20mA
Signal output: A, B two lines; TT power level;
Resolution: 0.01mm
Measurement frequency: 100KHz
Disc diameter: 24mm
Inner Disc Diameter: 4mm
Encoder resolution: 20 lines
Speed measuring sensor configuration: measure line 1 motor speed
Application: For experiment

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