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Mini Breadboard 170 pin SYB-170

15.00 EGP


  1. Tie-points: 170 (10×17)
  2. Size: 48 x 35 x 10 mm(LxWxH).
  3. Use: experimental, testing, robot
  4. Matching jumper, diameter 0.8mm
  5. Phosphor bronze nickel plated spring clips
  6. Accepts a variety of wire sizes (29-20 the AWG)
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Mini Breadboard 170 pin
Mini Breadboard is like a normal breadboard but has a small footprint around 7-8 cm x 3.5-4.5 cm which makes it ideal for small projects.
170 point Solderless mini Breadboard perfect for proto shields :

  • Self Adhesive Back
  • Smooth Chamfered Edges
  • two 85 point section with central gap
  • 170 tie points total
  • Size 4.5*3.5*0.85mm
  • Fully reusable
  • From ABS Material
  • Nickel plated contacts
  • Rated 300mA

The 170pt Breadboard

The 170pt breadboard is named for its 170 tie points. It has 17 columns of 10 holes, which are separated into two pairs by a central notch, and labelled 1 to 17. Each column is also labelled, with a letter from A to J to that they can be easily referenced in instructions ( like the squares on a chess board ). These holes contain small metal clips which both secure components to the breadboard and form electrical connections between them.
Inside a 170pt breadboard
To understand how to wire circuits on a breadboard, it’s important to remember that each column contains two sets of electrically connected tie-points. One either side of the central groove.
The diagram above shows the metal clips inside a 170pt breadboard, each metal clip is completely isolated from all the others and only connects together the 5 holes in its column.
If you plug an LED into a breadboard, for example, it would need to either bridge the central groove, or two different numbered columns. If both legs were plugged into the same column, on the same side of the groove, they’d be connected together. Instead of having current flow through the LED you’d get a short right through the metal clip!
Wiring on a 170pt breadboard
In the above picture, for example, the LED on the left is connected correctly, however the one on the right will never work because both of its legs are connected together!
Unlike its larger cousins, the 170pt mini breadboard doesn’t have power and ground “busses.” These connections usually run the full length of the breadboard and give you a common place from which any column can be powered or connected to ground but you can get by without them.
Most breadboards also have tiny notches which allow them to be connected together. This is great with mini breadboads. The join between two breadboards offers the same functionality as the groove in the middle and is immensely useful for connecting things in series.
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