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Round Force Sensor FSR402

280.00 EGP

  1. Analog Sensor Output
  2. Compatible With Grove Ecosystem
  3. High Durability
  4. Reliable Mechanical Structure
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The Grove-Round Force Sensor(FSR402) is a force-sensitive module. At the end of the sensor, there is a round force-sensitive resistor, the resistance of which depends on the pressure applied to this resistor. Simply say, the greater the pressure, the smaller the resistance. However, the output of this sensor is not strictly linear, so we do not recommend it for accurate measurements.

  1. Automotive electronics
  2. Medical Systems
  3. Industrial controls
  4. Robotics
  5. Interactive Educational Toy


  1. Analog output
  2. Reliable mechanical structure
  3. High durability:Tested to 10 Million actuations, 1kg, 4Hz / -10% average resistance change

Package Includes:

1 x SeeedStudio Grove – Round Force Sensor (FSR402)

1 x Grove Cable

Operating Voltage (VDC) 5
Force Sensitivity Range 0.2N–20N
Force Resolution Continuous (analog)
Analog Output 0-650
Length (mm) 20
Width (mm) 20
Height (mm) 13
Weight (gm) 9.4
Shipment Weight 0.014 kg
Shipment Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 cm
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