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RTC Board PCF8563 Real Time Clock Module I2C Interface 3.3V

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A, PCF8563 clock chip
PCF8563 is a PHILIPS company launched an industrial I2C bus interface with a very low power consumption of multi-functional clock / calendar chip. PCF8563 a variety of alarm function, timer function, clock output function and interrupt output function to complete a variety of complex timing services, and even for the microcontroller to provide watchdog function. It is a cost-effective clock chip, which has been widely used in the field of electric meters, water meters, gas meters, telephones, fax machines, portable instruments and battery powered instruments and meters.
Main performance index of PCF8563:
You can use the standby battery
Wide voltage range of 1.0~5.5V.
This ultra low power consumption: the typical value is 0.25uA
It through the I2C bus serial input / output
This programmable clock output frequency: 32.768KHz, 1024Hz, 32Hz, 1Hz.
* four alarm and timer function
It includes a reset circuit, oscillator capacitor and power failure detection circuit
Open drain interrupt output.
400KHZ read and write speed
Two, module interface description
Left battery mounting interface
Pay attention to the installation direction, according to the direction of the image installation
Right INT interrupt output (generally not used)
COT clock output (generally not used)
SCL IIC clock interface MCU IO port
SDA IIC digital interface MCU IO port
The GND module of extraterrestrial grounding
VCC power supply interface 3.3v-5v
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