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TP4056 18650 3.7V 4.2V Battery Charging Module with Integrated DC Boost Converter module

45.00 EGP

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This module is a small single cell lithium battery charging module that also includes a 1A step-up (boost) converter for powering a large range of applications. The module will charge most types of a single cell (3.7) LiPo batteries from either 4 to 7.5V power supply input, or from a standard 5V USB port/adapter. A battery charge and standby LED are also included for visual indication.

Besides battery charging capabilities this module also includes an adjustable boost converter which is capable of stepping up the attached battery voltage from 4.5 to 24V with a maximum supply current of 1A.


High-quality integrated circuits.

Exquisite detail and long service life.

Module TP4056 DIY kit parts. Can be used for multimeter, converted to lithium-battery charging.


  • Product code: HCMODU0131
  • Input Voltage (USB): 5V
  • Input Voltage (IN): 4 – 7.5V
  • Battery type: LiPo 3.7
  • Default charging current: 1000mA
  • Output voltage (VOUT): 4.5 – 24V
  • Max output current (VOUT): 1A
  • Dimensions: 33mm x 24mm
  • Charging voltage: 4.2V DC
  • Charging current: max. 1A
  • Discharging current: max. 2A
  • Package size: 45 * 45 * 20mm / 1.77 * 1.77 * 0.79in
  • Package weight: 11g / 0.39ounces


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