NEO-7M Flight Controller GPS Module

The Ublox Neo 7M GPS module incorporates a digital compass called the HMC5883L. This advanced module, part of the new Ublox NEO 7 series, offers exceptional sensitivity and operates on low power. It boasts 56 channels and delivers precise position updates at a rate of 10Hz. Additionally, the GPS module is housed in a sturdy plastic case, providing protection against various weather conditions, making it an excellent choice for aircraft or quadcopter applications.

The NEO-7 series is designed to maximize sensitivity while minimizing power consumption. The NEO-7M is specifically optimized for cost-sensitive applications, while the NEO-7N offers superior performance and easier integration with radio frequency (RF) systems. Thanks to the well-established NEO form factor, transitioning from previous NEO generations is effortless. The module’s sophisticated RF architecture and effective interference suppression ensure optimal performance even in environments where GPS signals are challenging to receive.

The Neo 7M GPS module is the perfect choice for those looking to achieve precise navigation control with their flight controller. This device features an ultra-low power consumption, low noise amplifier and high sensitivity receiver capable of tracking up to 22 satellites at a time. In addition, this robust module provides 56 channels which support various codes including GLONASS & BDS (BeiDou Navigation Satellite System).

The fast Position Time Initialization function ensures accurate positioning even in weak signal conditions making it ideal for most drones and UAV applications over long distances. With its super slim design, easy installation process using just 4 wires makes setup quick and hassle free along with software compatibility across multiple platforms ensuring maximum flexibility while controlling your drone or quadcopter from any location around the world!


  • GPS module with 56 channels
  • Outputs precise position updates at 10Hz
  • High-sensitivity, low-power module
  • Comes with a molded plastic case for protection against the elements
  • Suitable for aircraft or quadcopter use
  • Includes a data backup battery
  • Features an HMC5883L digital compass
  • Supports GLONASS (Russian navigation system)
  • Compact size with excellent performance
  • Parameters can be set via serial port and saved in EEPROM
  • Equipped with an SMA interface
  • Includes a passive ceramic antenna and passive antenna amplifier circuitry
  • TCXO oscillator with +/- 0.5PPM accuracy
  • Supports NMEA (default)/UBX Binary serial communication
  • Baud rate of 9600


  • Navigator.
  • Aircraft positioning.
  • Personal location tracking.
  • PDA.
  • Pocket PC.
  • Other Portable Devices.
  • Surveying and mapping.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x NEO-7M Flight Controller GPS Module.


Model  NEO-7M
Dimensions  5 x 4 x 3cms 
Weight  25 grams